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Tip Top Tree Services is ready to assist with all aspects of tree felling and tree dismantles. For trees and hedges in Wallingford, Didcot, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and the surrounding areas.

Your trees and hedges are in safe hands.

Tree Removal Services

Professional Arborists You Can Depend On

Tree felling is a deliberate process of cutting down a tree with precision, usually employing chainsaws and strategic cuts to control its fall direction.
Tree dismantling involves the systematic removal of a tree in sections, employing arborists who climb the tree and carefully cut and lower portions of the tree to ensure a controlled and safe tree removal.
Both methods demand professional expertise, with tree felling applied for straight forward tree removals, while tree dismantling is preferred in confined spaces to minimise potential damage to nearby structures or vegetation.
Safety is our top priority at Tip Top Tree Services, our professional tree surgeons strictly adhere to the guidelines outlines in BS3998. We are dedicated to ensuring that your trees and hedges are in safe hands, placing the utmost importance on their well being and the safety of our operations. At Tip Top Tree Services, we offer stump grinding services to ensure the whole tree can be removed if desired.

Dependable & Credible

Striving for complete customer satisfaction in every project, our team is amiable, punctual, reliable, and highly professional

Completely Insured & Licensed

Our team is fully insured, licensed, and expertly trained to deliver top-notch professional tree services in Newbury and Berkshire.


With over 8 years of experience, we are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

Controlled Felling With Tree Experts

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a methodical process involving the intentional cutting down of a tree. This is carefully planned, taking into consideration the tree’s health, height, lean and surrounding environment. Typically performed using chainsaws, tree felling is employed when a tree requires to be removed. Professional arborists make precise cuts, including a directional cut and then back cut, to control the tree’s fall in a predetermined direction. If necessary the use of wedges, ropes or winches could be used to assist pulling over a tree.

Tip Top Tree Services have the skill, experience and a deep understanding of the trees mechanics to ensure safety and prevent damage to nearby property or vegetation. Whether you require emergency tree removal or a general enquiry, our specialist tree surgeons have extensive experience in arboriculture and forestry.

Precision Tree Removal

Tree Dismantle

Tree dismantling is an alternative approach to tree felling, especially when there are constraints such as limited space or within the proximity of structures, Unlike felling, tree dismantling involves the systematic removal of a tree in sections. Arborists climb the tree using specialist tree climbing equipment, carefully lowering cut sections with ropes to control the decent. This method allows for a more controlled and precise removal, minimising the risk of damage to surrounding property or vegetation. 

The professional arborists at Tip Top Tree Services are offer a complimentary, no obligation free estimate, customising our services to meet your project requirements.

Tree Specialist Oxfordshire & Berkshire
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Take It From Our Customers

We recognise the importance of choosing a trustworthy tree surgeon to carry out stump removal and stump grinding services, and we assure you that our company possesses the knowledge and experience needed to execute your project with precision. 

Your trees and hedges are in safe hands.

Kat Howe
Kat Howe
Ben is very knowledgeable about trees and has done a great job
Sara McKelvie
Sara McKelvie
Ben did a great job at removing one tree and reducing another in size. He was efficient and helpful throughout with minimal noise. The team cleaned the area thoroughly before leaving. Thanks Ben
Angelika Capp
Angelika Capp
Prompt, friendly, reliable and reasonable
Jackie Small
Jackie Small
Excellent work carried out by Tip Top Tree and Ground Care - pollarding trees for car park of NHS doctors surgery. Very impressed with how neat and tidy the car park was left.
Elaine Shepherd
Elaine Shepherd
Very happy with the service we received to cut down an extremely old spruce in the garden. It was fascinating to watch Ben carefully and precisely work through the process of cutting back smaller limbs to the main trunk. We wanted to use sections of the main trunk for other ideas in the garden and he happily worked to cutting the trunk into the sized sections we wanted. Once everything was cut he used a chipper to shred everything and left the garden tidy. Thanks Ben for a job well done.
mollin Muzuva
mollin Muzuva
They did a great job, my garden looks good. I feel it’s a job well done and I will recommend this company to my friends and family. Their prices are also quite reasonable.
Lucy Curcher
Lucy Curcher
Ben and his team did an excellent job working on an area of ancient woodland. He arrived on time, was very knowledgeable about the variety of trees and did a very professional job. He went on to recommend another professional that could help us with some protected trees. I would highly recommend this company!!
Julia stackhouse
Julia stackhouse
Fantastic service, removing two very large leylandi trees. The team cleared up everything and were efficient, tidy and friendly. I'd recommend them to everyone.
Justine Higgin
Justine Higgin
Friendly team, pleased with the work they did, would use again. Fair price.

Areas We Cover

Tree Felling & Tree Dismantle Across Oxfordshire & Berkshire

We offer tree pruning services in Wallingford, Didcot and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, including:

Wallingford, Didcot, Abingdon, Wantage, Witney, Goring, Streatly, Tilehurst, Pangbourne, Watlington, Charlgrove, Thame, Henley, Marlow, Oxford, and Reading.

If the area you’re in is not mentioned, feel free to reach out to Tip Top Tree Services to explore how we might be able to assist with your project.